Some ancestral homes have withstood many years of servicing and sheltering its owners and the age will mostly show – on the paint, walls and other visible parts of the house. You can restore these with minimum costs by focusing on what you already have and fixing or enhancing them. You can seek help from ACR Construction INC to help you out with the renovation and bring back your old home to life.

Floor Plan

When you restore a old ancestral home to its natural beauty, the floor should be easy to deal with because you barely have to do anything with it. Old houses commonly used hardwood or marble floors and the common theme is a Victorian style. You can keep the floor plan as it is and just polish any floor board that are creaky or damaged. That is going to be a huge save for your restoration budget.


Homes with upper levels are not that hard to restore also. The staircases need not to be fully extracted and changed a new one. Just like with the floor plan, you can use the original staircase and just restore it to its original state, or you can even enhance into a more modern design that would still go with your home theme.


Windows around the house can stay in their position. Normally, the windows of a home are already strategically placed around the house to give the best lighting and air. Unless, of course, there have been changes in the structures around your house, you can stick with the original window frames and just enhance the window glasses.


Most ancestral homes used materials that are now antique and therefore sturdy and hardwood materials. If you want to restore your old home that’s mostly filled with woodwork materials, you can opt to keep them as they are because hardwood are built to last long. You can repaint and improve the design that would fit your new home theme.


The door frames and other frames around your home can remain as they are. Frames are commonly one of the sturdiest part of a home, thus they will take longer to deteriorate too. You can keep the frames and just remodel them with new paint or theme for your home reconstruction.

Starting Price 8500 Per Sq. Ft.

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